The Heart Of The Home: Designing A Perfect Live-In Kitchen

21 May 2015
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Today's kitchens are more than places to cook and prepare meals. They are places where guests feel at home and where children gather to play games and do homework around the kitchen table.

Why not design your kitchen to be the center of your home? Transforming the kitchen into your main living space is practical and easier than you think.

Breakfast nook versus formal dining area

A formal dining area is not necessary in a live-in kitchen. A breakfast nook is more practical and family friendly. A sturdy, easy-to-clean table and chairs will serve double duty as a place to eat meals and snacks as well as a place for children to paint and play.

Adding a few shelves and storage cabinets to the breakfast nook will keep games, craft supplies, and books within easy reach.

Island bar ideas

An island bar is a must-have item in a live-in kitchen, but the typical bar stools that accompany it are not. Instead of bar stools, consider placing the back of a sectional against the island bar to create lots of comfortable seating. A large ottoman provides plenty of space for resting tired feet.

Streamlined space

A built-in media center spanning one wall makes entertaining and storage a breeze. Everyone can watch the game or favorite movie whether they are involved in preparing the food or relaxing on the sofa.

Storage baskets built into the bottom of the media center are useful for storing toys, electronic equipment, and video games.

Bold colors and patterns

Let the entire family choose colors for the walls and decor. Don't be afraid to go with bright colors and bold chevron patterns to liven up the room. If you prefer neutral tones for the walls and flooring, add color with lots of accessories in colorful hues. Adding pillows in various designs is an easy way to incorporate lavish color and patterns without overpowering the room.

Provide lots of light

Glass doors and windows make a room appear larger. Adding additional windows to the room will make your live-in kitchen warm and inviting. Consider leaving the windows bare without curtains or choose simple blinds for privacy that can remain open during daylight hours.

Increase living space with the addition of a deck

Adding a deck outside the live-in kitchen is a perfect way to maximize your living and entertaining space. Staining the deck with a black stain will make the deck look stylish and will blend well with any color scheme you use for your live-in kitchen.

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