How To Paint Your Bathroom Walls Like A Pro

12 October 2015
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Remodeling your bathroom is always a smart investment. It can instantly increase the value of your property and make it look more current. However, sometimes the most effective bathroom remodels are the simplest: for instance, repainting the walls. Repainting rooms with textured drywall is one of the most effective ways to update any room. However, the project does require a little bit of skill and patience. One of the hardest things about painting drywall is painting straight lines. Here is how to get clean, straight lines that will look professional.

Using Spackle

The key to this technique is to use spackle when taping off. Lightweight spackling paste is very affordable and easy to spread. However, you do need to wear a rubber glove when using it so it does not dry out and crack your skin.

Taping off the Wall

First, tape of the wall where you want the edges to be. You want to push down the tape (on the edge you are painting) as firmly as possible. Rub over it with your finger. Going over it with a sponge might also help the tape to get pushed down in between the crevices of the texture.

Applying the Spackle

Once the tape is on the wall, it is time to get the spackle out. With the glove, spread the spackle over the tape line. Spread it as thinly as possible. You do not want to change the texture of the wall. You actually want the spackle to be almost invisible once it dries. It will fill in any gaps beneath the tape line. These little gaps and air bubbles can result in splotchy paint lines. However, when you use sparkle, the tape line is perfect when the tape is removed. Many painters invest in expensive painter's tape, but find that it does not do the job.

Removing the Tape

You can paint over the spackle as soon as you apply it. You do not even need to wait for it to dry. In fact, you can even pull the tape off the wall while the spackle and paint are still wet. This little trick will add essentially double the amount of time it takes do the taping. However, if you want the cleanest paint lines, it is the best way to make it look like your paint job was done by Picasso himself. For assistance remodeling your bathroom, visit websites like