3 Custom Cabinet Options That Can Make Your Kitchen Stand Out

4 January 2016
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Replacing all of the cabinets in your kitchen can be a great way to change up your home and make it really stand out. In addition, there are quite a few cabinet options out there that can also increase your kitchen's functionality and help you make the most out of the space that you have. Listed below are three custom cabinet options that you really should consider.

Swivel or Pull-Out Shelving

One of the most interesting and useful cabinet options to consider is the inclusion of pull-out or swivel shelving. This option allows you to more easily access all of the items in your cabinet by eliminating the need to dig through your items to get to the stuff in the back. These shelves will often be capable of being pulled almost all of the way out of your cabinets on rails, thus allowing you to grab or put away whatever you need very easily. 

Swivel shelving is a great choice if you have a small corner cabinet. Rather than trying to fit only small items in that space, a swivel shelf can be pull out and around to increase storage space.


Another option to consider is lighting for the interior of your cabinets. The lighting options can range from lighting that is on even when the cabinet doors are closed to lighting that comes on as the cabinet door opens. The always-on lighting options are ideal if you have glass cabinet doors and have high-end fine china or other nice dishes that you would like to put on display.

The lighting that comes on whenever you open the cabinet door is a great way to find the items that you need in your cabinet. This is especially useful if you have deep cabinets where it can sometimes be hard to see the contents in the rear of the cabinet. 

Hydraulic Hinges

Finally, hydraulic hinges are a great option if you want to limit the noise in your home and extend the lifespan of your cabinet doors. Hydraulic hinges are designed to allow your cabinet doors to close softly and quietly no matter how hard the doors are closed.

This is possible because the hydraulic hinges will slow the closing of the door. These hinges are also ideal if you and your spouse or other family members have a different sleep schedule from you and you do not want to wake them or make unnecessary noise while you are rummaging around in the cabinets.

Contact a local remodeling contractor today in order to discuss the many useful ways in which you can customize your cabinets. Hydraulic hinges can protect your cabinets and decrease noise while lighting and custom shelving can greatly increase the utility of your cabinets.