Multigenerational Home Building: Keep Your Aging Loved One Safe And Comfy

27 July 2016
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If you plan to build a multigenerational home that includes an elderly parent with health restrictions, you may want to know about the best safety features to add to your new home. A number of adult children choose to live with their aging parents for many reasons, including to provide personal care and companionship. But when an elderly loved one has health restrictions, such as climbing stairs or staying warm in cold temperatures, you'll need to make a few adjustments to your home's building plans that accommodate these problems. Here are two features you can add to your home during construction to keep your loved one safe and comfy later.

Stair Lift

If your new home will have two or more stories, you may want to add a stair lift, or an incline wheelchair lift, to the staircase. A stair lift is a unique device that allows people with mobility problems to ascend and descend stairs safely. The device typically includes a wide-based seat, long side arms, and a safety belt attached to a large backrest. If your elderly parent has problems that causes pain when they stand or walk, the features mentioned above may benefit them.

It's a good idea that you add a stair lift to your building plans before contractors complete the construction of your stairs. If you choose to do so after construction, you'll need to make adjustments to your staircase. Also, be sure to select a lift that operates by battery and electricity. If the power goes out in your new home in the future, your loved one will still have the ability to move from floor to floor safely.

Mini Ductless AC System

If your loved one tends to feel cold, even when the rest of the family feels comfortable, have building contractors install a mini ductless air conditioning system in your loved one's quarters. Some elderly individuals develop health issues that affect how they regulate their body's temperature, such as poor circulation and thin skin. If you try to adjust a central air conditioning system's temperature to accommodate your loved one's coldness, it may create problems with everyone else in the home.

A mini ductless AC allows you to cool only your loved one's quarters. It's generally installed in the wall, floorboard or another area that's easily accessible. Your loved one can adjust the temperature of the unit to accommodate their sensitive skin or circulation. 

Contractors will most likely place special dampers in the air ducts that pass through your elderly parent's living space during construction. The dampers stay closed until you manually or automatically open them. It's important to discuss how contractors plan to install the ductless AC before they begin construction.

For more details about making your multigenerational home safer for your elderly loved one, consult with a home builder today.