Remodel Your Kitchen With Coastal Style

7 October 2016
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When you plan a kitchen remodel, you have the chance to do more than just add storage space or update your appliances. A remodel gives you the chance to make over your kitchen style. One popular style is inspired by the beach. Channel your dream beach house by making over your kitchen with coastal style.

Pick the Palette

When you picture a beach house, you naturally think of shades of blue, teal and turquoise – sea colors. For a foundational neutral, you could go with classic white, which is traditional in beach houses. However, if you want to warm up the palette, consider a sandy beige. The foundational neutral hue should be the dominant color. Use the sea colors for accenting.

Select the Flooring

Kitchens in actual beach houses have to withstand wet feet and a little sand. Even if yours won't see this kind of action, a sturdy floor is the way to go. Tiles are common for this style. You could opt for sand-colored tiles to keep with your theme.

Many beach houses feature hardwood flooring. This takes a little more upkeep, as you must keep it well sealed and dry. However, the warm tones and rich graining provide an attractive backdrop for your coastal kitchen.

Design the Backsplash

As Home and Garden TV points out, the backsplash above the range and sink has a big visual impact on your kitchen. Here you really have the chance to promote your coastal style. Blue subway tiles can create that watery vibe. However, also consider glass tiles. They shimmer even when dry. You could keep to the blue-based palette or design a mosaic in sandy shades. Another option for your backsplash is choosing tiles with a nautical or beach design.

Keep Window Treatments Airy

Beach houses typically feature a lot of windows. Naturally this is so you can take in the seaside view. No matter what the view from your kitchen windows, though, you want to promote an airy ambiance in the space. Keep window treatments light, such as gauzy curtain panels. You can also choose café curtains in your sea-inspired palette or with beach scenes. For a casual effect, consider bamboo or matchstick blinds.

Decorate with a Beach Theme

The final layer of your kitchen makeover comes in the décor. Once you've set the stage with the remodel, finish the beach-inspired look with accent pieces in your color palette. A very attractive effect comes with bright-colored glass vases, giving the feel of sea glass. Additionally, consider adding pieces with an actual beach theme, such as nautical lanterns, shells or driftwood.

Give your kitchen a casual coastal appeal with your remodel job. For more kitchen remodeling ideas, contact a company like Callier Thompson Kitchen & Bath.