Storage Solutions for Your Bathroom

12 October 2016
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Bathrooms have multiple purposes, especially when you only have one and have a house full of people. The bathroom serves as a place to clean up, to put on makeup, to do your hair, and to relax in the tub, in addition to the usual things you would do in the bathroom. Your bathroom probably has quite a bit of things stored (or shoved) in the cabinets; anything from medicine to makeup and miscellaneous hair products. If you're like most people, your cabinets are probably bursting at the seams, and you likely can't find anything when you need it. Your cabinets can look clean and organized again; you just need to get creative with your storage. See below for helpful tips to store your bathroom items and update your bathroom

Add Shelving

Even the smallest of bathrooms can have additional storage. So you may not be able to fit a large cabinet inside, but you can add shelving to an open wall. Look for floating shelves so you can add more shelving without those ugly and outdated brackets taking up too much space. Hide some of your miscellaneous items such as extra hand towels, toilet paper, and other products with decorative baskets.

Install Cabinet Drawers and Shelves

The inside of your cabinet is a blank canvas for you to do what you want with it. Empty every single item out of the cabinet and look at the space. If you have a lot of items, think about adding drawers inside the cabinet to help keep you better organized. You can find small storage organizer drawers at your local hardware store. You can also add shelving to the inside of the cabinet rather than to drawers if you need to as well. Look in the organizing section at your hardware store for several options.

Take Advantage of Door Space

The door on your cabinet can also be used for storage. Hang wire storage baskets on the door to help hold things like curling irons and blow dryers. You can also use the door space on your medicine cabinet as well. Hang small baskets to hold makeup and nail polish bottles, toothbrushes, and even razors.

Use Floor Space

Use the space on the floor for baskets to hold extra rolls of toilet paper or even extra towels (or for dirty ones). Look for decorative baskets or wire baskets to match with your decor. They'll serve a dual purpose—for decoration and storage.

Your bathroom is a place for relaxation; it's where you clean up and where you get ready for the day ahead. You want this area to feel relaxed, not overwhelmed with items. Get creative with your storage and clean things up.

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