Make Your Old Home New Again: DIY Renovations And Remodeling Projects That Cut Costs

18 October 2016
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Renovations and remodeling may be something that you are planning on investing a lot of money in if you have bought an older home. There are many jobs that will require the help of a professional contractor. You may also want to get your hands dirty too and do some of the renovations yourself. Work like painting and interior decoration can be fun ways to add personal touches to your home renovations. Here are some DIY home improvements that can give you a sense of pride in your home restoration projects:

Giving Your Home A Custom Paint Job To Add Finishing Touches

Painting can be a great way to give your home a new look on a budget. There are many options that you may want to consider for custom paint features. Some of the features that you may want to consider for your budget paint job can include stenciling borders, faux finish, and creative murals. To do your own paint, you will only need to invest in the paint, brushes, and pans. Some painting finishes can also be done with spray paints.

Replacing Covers On Mechanicals Like HVAC And Electrical Systems

In an older home, you may have outdated covers on things like light switches, electrical covers, and other equipment in your home. If you want to keep your DIY renovations on a budget, this is something you can do in phases. Start by replacing electrical covers and then move on to vents and other lesser used features.

DIY Interior Storage Space Projects To Give Your Renovations Custom Features

Another option that you may want when doing renovations is more storage. Adding interior design features like recessed cabinets can give you more storage without taking on a major remodeling project. This can be done by doing things like adding a shallow cabinet in a wall or installing drawers in a wall space. Try to add storage features anywhere where there is space that is not being taken advantage of, such as in dead space in cabinets or unused closets. You can even use things like reclaimed windows and doors to give these features a personal touch.

Buying an older home and giving it modern features can be a lot of work. Restorations can also be rewarding when you do some of the work yourself. Contact a professional remodeling contractor, like one from Di Salvo Construction, to help with the work that you cannot do alone.