Did Your Basement Flood And There Is Still Water Around The Drain? What To Do

19 October 2016
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Do you have water pooled around your drain in the basement after some flooding and you've been waiting for it to go down? You need to get a professional water damage extraction team in the basement to get out the water that can't flow back down the drain, and to see how bad the flooding damage around the space.

Water in the basement could have been absorbed into the foundation and in other materials throughout the area, causing health and structural concerns. Here are some things to think about if you are still waiting for the water to go down.

Every Day is More Damage

Every day that the water damage sits is more time for the bacteria to spread, and for the mold and mildew to become a problem. The standing water is going to become a giant health risk in the home, even if you aren't walking through it. You don't want to end up with illness or major material damage throughout the structure of the home. You can't let another day pass without treatment, so you have to get the water removed right away.

Bacteria Needs to Be Killed and Sealed

After the water is suctioned out and the space is dried, then the bacteria needs to be killed. The water damage restoration company will apply a cleaning agent in the space to kill the bacteria. A sealant should also be used on the concrete, metal, and other materials in the space. The sealant should work to both kill the bacteria and prevent future bacterial problems from occurring.

Have Your Air Checked

The company will check to see if there is damage in the air around the basement. If there is mold and mildew in the air, you need to have your ventilation system cleaned out. Have the ducts disinfected and the heating and cooling appliances cleaned and the filters changed.

You may need a remodeling company to pull out all the carpeting or flooring you had in the basement, along with any drywall, furniture, and other materials. Once all of the items that can be cleaned of the bacteria are out of the space, you can start working on treating the space appropriately. There are a lot of different issues that arise when you have water that flooded the space and then is sitting stagnate. Talk with the remodeling and water damage restoration experts, such as those from Flood Doctor, to treat the water problems fast.