Hire a General Contractor to Update Your Home

20 October 2016
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While you might hire a roofing contractor, flooring contractor, or painting contractor to work within his or her area of specialty, one of the benefits of hiring a general contractor is that this professional is capable of handling a wide range of projects around your home. If you have a varied to-do list that requires the skilled hands of an expert, it's time to call a general contractor. If your house was built in the 1980s (or last renovated in that decade) there are a lot of projects that your contractor can handle that will make your living space a lot more modern. Here are some such tasks.

Removing Brass Accessories

Houses built or renovated in the 1980s are often littered with brass accessories, and these might not be your cup of tea. Brass door hinges, brass door handles, and brass door kick plates might have looked trendy a few decades ago, but it should be time for these accessories to go. Your general contractor can remove them all and replace them with accessories that look more contemporary. Brushed steel is an option, and making these changes to the interior doors throughout your home will go a long way toward updating the overall look.

Removing Popcorn Ceiling

Interior ceilings finished with a bumpy texture, often known as "popcorn ceilings," were popular in the past. However, you'll find that this type of ceiling is a rarity in homes build today. If you want to upgrade the look of your ceilings, a general contractor is the person to call. He or she will use a specialized approach that involves wetting the popcorn ceiling and then scraping the bumpy texture off. This is an arduous job, given its overhead nature but is something that your general contractor will accomplish to your satisfaction.

Changing Outdated Ceiling Fans

While you might be primarily focused with the function of your ceiling fans, you also want them to look good. Many homes built or renovated in the 1980s will have outdated ceiling fans. You might be looking at a combination of brass, faux-wood, and wicker paneling swirling overhead, accompanied by floral-shaped light covers. There are a number of modern-looking fans on the market today, and your contractor will be able to take whatever design you favor and install it in place of the old fan. This simple task can dramatically update the look of a given room.

For more ways to update your home, talk to a general contractor like Touch Stone Remodelers in your area.