3 Tips For Cleaning The Cabinets In Your Apartment

21 October 2016
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If you are living in an apartment, it's vital that you take care of everything to ensure that you receive your deposit back. This includes cleaning the walls, baseboards, and even the cabinets. However, it can be difficult to clean the cabinets properly if you aren't sure what material they are made of. Upon moving in, this is something that you should ask. Then you can know which of the following cleaning methods is best:

Cleaning Wood Cabinets: 

If the cabinets in your apartment are made from wood, it's best to purchase a general wood cleaner for regular cleaning. On top of this, you should be regularly polishing the cabinets. Be sure to also prevent condensation build up, which can warp and damage the wood. It's best to open a window in the kitchen when cooking, use the air vent, and wipe the cabinets dry if condensation does happen to still build up on the surface. 

Cleaning Painted Cabinets:

If the cabinets in your apartment have a painted surface, this requires a different type of care. These can be cleaned with regular all-purpose cleaners or just mild soap and water. However, you should not be getting the surface too wet. Be sure that the cloth you use to clean the surface is damp, not soaking. Once you have wiped down the cabinets with soap or cleaner, go over with a damp cloth (water only) and then dry with a dry cloth. If stains ever show up, be sure to remove them with an ammonia-based cleaner. Do not use anything abrasive, which can scratch the painted surface. 

Cleaning the Interior:

Aside from cleaning the cabinets from the front, you also need to know what the best method is for cleaning the interior of the cabinets where you store food, pots, pans, and more. Eventually, these areas are going to get dirty. You want to clean the surfaces regularly to prevent set-in stains. For general cleaning, you can use all-purpose cleaners. Be sure that the surface is completely dry by leaving the cabinet doors open before putting anything back inside, which can lead to mold growth since it will trap in the moisture. A good way to avoid having to clean the interior more often is by placing down shelf liners, which you can replace or clean on their own. 

When you utilize these three tips for taking care of the cabinets in your apartment, you can be sure that you don't miss out on some of your security deposit upon moving out. On top of this, you are sure to live in a healthier and cleaner environment.