Practical Window Improvements That Can Add Storage And More To Your Home

27 October 2016
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If you want to have more storage space in your home and you are planning on doing some window improvements, there are things that can be done with windows and doors. You may want to consider solutions like adding a garden window, installing bench storage in window seats, and adding ledges to windows. Here are some create window storage ideas that you may want to do with your window replacement project:

Adding Garden Windows To Bring Light In And A Small Place For Plants

If you like to have plants and need more light in your home, you may want to consider garden window improvements. These are windows that protrude out of their openings and are covered with glass like mini green houses. This can be an excellent to a kitchen to provide fresh herbs for cooking or aromatic plants. You may event want to have them in other areas to create an area for your houseplants when the weather changes this winter.

Bench Window Seats With Hidden Storage Solutions Under Cushions

Bench seating can be fixed cabinet installations in many different areas of your home, such as in a bathroom or a small nook. For the benches that are near windows, you may want to consider adding hidden storage beneath the seats. This can be seats that lift up like a chest, or the benches can have disguised cabinet doors, which can give you the option for shelves, drawers and other storage solutions. The bench chest area can be a good place for kitchen gadgets that you can never find a place for.

Giving Your Home Larger Window Seals For Shelve Solutions Inside And Outside

You may also want to consider larger window seals for your windows. In the inside of your home, this can be done with trim that extends the window casing at the bottom to create a small shelve. Outside of your home, there are several options, such as adding shelves or hanging brackets for things like planters to have flowers in the window.  If you are doing improvements like storage in bench seating, you may want to consider wall paneling bellow the window to add small shelving units that are like medicine cabinets.

These are some window storage ideas that you may want to consider for your improvement projects. If you are ready to start changing the windows in your home, contact a window contractor and talk with them about these improvements to add storage.