Changing A Colorful Bathroom Into A Snow White Bathroom

28 October 2016
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Maintaining a bathroom with colorful tile and off-white appliances may actually be more difficult than a white bathroom. Though it may seem difficult to keep a white bathroom from any staining, the truth is that you can use bleach and light abrasive materials that will keep the white in its original condition. Here are some ways that you can remodel your bathroom easily for the clean, snow-white look. 

Remove and replace with white marble tiles

If you have colorful tiles inside of your bathroom, removing these and replacing the shower and bath wall with white tile will help to provide a beautiful, gleaming focal point to your bathroom. You can choose between large tiles with less visual grout between the tiles or you can select subway tiles that will be smaller, but easier to scrub with a brush in order to clean. Selecting white tiles means that you can use chemicals with whitening agents. Be sure to constantly wipe down the tile and grout daily to stop possible mildew.

Copy the tile to the floor

To provide continuity for the bathroom, you should continue the tile that you use for the tub and shower down to the floor. This will give the bathroom a cohesive look and make it look clean. Purchasing the materials in bulk for the shower and floor can give you a lower overall cost on your bathroom remodel, plus make the application easier for your contractor. The space maintaining the same white shade will also make the room look larger. 

Have the bathtub resurfaced

If you wish to replace the shiny, white surface on the bathtub, you should have your tub professionally resurfaced. Resurfacing the tub will restore the finish of your bathtub and make sure that it is the shade of white that you desire. Be sure to utilize the correct whitening and scrubbing agents on your tub, so that the gloss of the finish remains the same long term. 

Install square cabinets and sinks

A white cabinet with a white, square sink will provide adequate cleaning space for your bathroom activities and match the rest of the restroom. A white sink and a white cabinet can be cleaned with the same materials as your toilet and tub, so you will not have to change out any cleaning materials. Be sure that the square corners of the sink are set inside of the sink counter so that there is a low potential for damage.