Four Pool-Safety Tips to Focus on This Winter

1 November 2016
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As winter quickly approaches, your pool is likely the last thing on your mind. However, this time of the year presents the perfect opportunity to focus on any necessary pool upgrades you need to make, starting with safety. Before the warm temperatures return and pool season gets back in full effect, here are just some of the safety upgrades to consider.

Repair the Pool Patio

It is imperative that the pool patio offer a smooth, flat surface. This is true whether your patio is lined with concrete, tile, or some other material. If there are any uneven surfaces, such as dents or bumps in the surface, crumbling, or any other imperfections, this can increase the risk of someone losing their balance and possibly slipping into the water. Take a few moments to examine the surface and speak with a contractor about having any necessary repairs made.

Fortify the Area

Keep the area around the pool secure by installing a fence and gate system. The system should stretch the entire perimeter of the pool and be tall and durable enough that a small child can't easily climb it or push it down. An ideal solution is a vinyl system, as this material is resistant to water damage and doesn't require much maintenance, unlike wood and wrought iron. In addition to safety, your insurance company may offer a discount for pools that are secured with a fence and gate. Contact a company like Finelli Architechtural Iron & Stairs to get started. 

Focus on Water Balance

The chemical balance of pool water is an often overlooked component of safety, but water that is not properly balanced can present several real concerns. Poor chemical balance can lead to skin burns, irritation, and the development of harmful bacteria. If you've had issues in the past, the winter presents an excellent opportunity to experiment with different products, since no one is using the pool. During this period, test different products and measure the pH levels until you find the right balance for your needs.

Enroll in Swimming Lessons

While this is not directly related to the actual pool, if you have any little ones who need to improve their swimming skills, this is an excellent time to enroll them in swim lessons. The sharper your child's water skills, the greater their confidence. Confidence is a critical part of water safety, as fear can increase the risk of drowning. However, most importantly, the better your kids are at swimming, the more relaxed you will be when watching your children have fun in the pool.

The more effort you put in to pool safety now, the more enjoyment you and your family will get from your pool in the spring and summer. Take proactive steps now to improve safety.