3 Reasons To Replace Your Windows

9 August 2018
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If your windows are still in tact, you may wonder if there are any benefits to replacing them while they appear to be in decent working order. Replacing your windows has multiple benefits for both your home and quality of life. Read on to learn a few arguments for replacement your old windows sooner rather than later.

1. New Windows are More Energy Efficient

Old, drafty windows are one of the largest sources of energy loss for the average home. Single-pane windows are a common style thanks to their affordability; however, they are not as effective at shielding your home from temperature extremes as double-pane windows.

Even homes with double-pane windows become less energy efficient over time. The seals around your window can become lose, permitting exterior air to enter your home. Though re-caulking your windows can improve this issue, usually replacing the windows is the most effective way to combat this problem.

Improvements in the materials used for your window frames can also make this portion of your window more energy efficient. For example, opting for windows with non-metal frames is one way to lower your cooling costs if you reside in an area with hot temperatures.

2. Old Windows Can Put Your Family at Risk for Mold

If your old windows have multiple panes, you may notice that the windows appear like they are foggy or have water between the panes. Unfortunately, not only does this make your windows appear permanently cloudy, it can even put your family's health at risk. When condensation forms between window panes, this creates damp conditions that are conducive to the development of mold. Mold can cause an assortment of health ailments, including asthma, breathing problems, and other respiratory issues. 

3. Improved Window Designs Make it Easier for Your Family to Appreciate the Outdoors from Inside Your Home

Over time, it is common for the wood around your windows to warp or for aluminum parts to begin to rust. This can make the process of opening and closing your windows cumbersome, causing you to miss refreshing breezes when the weather is pleasant. If you know opening a window involves shaking and jiggling the window to get it back in place, you are less likely to enjoy the nice weather.

Certain window designs are also more conducive to appreciating unobstructed views of your outdoor areas. You may prefer to select a style that includes fewer window grilles so that you can take in more of your outside area at a single time. Contact a window installation service for more help.